Thursday, January 14, 2010

Introducing Bear!

Bear is a HUGE love bug, he loves to be turned out into the play yard at the shelter and play ball, talk to the cats, and get loved on by a human. Bear is very rambunctious and doesn’t get along well with other dogs.

Bears training will really be more of a rehabilitation of his mental state when in the presence of other dogs. As with Sky, the environment of the loud shelter will prove a difficult setting for helping Bear, but that is what we specialize in. I don’t expect Bear’s story to be updated untill late February, but if anyone would like to adopt Bear I would be more than willing to work side by side with them in his training for no fee.

Bear is available at the Huron Humane Society.

Trainers: Julia Fish and Ashley Hastings

Introducing Boomer!

Boomer is a loveable Staffordshire mix who wants nothing more than to please. Boomer has been at the shelter for over TWO years! In this time Boomer has of course picked up some bad habits, Boomer likes to jump on people when he is first let out into the yard. Boomer is quickly learning not to jump on people.
He also is learning his basic commands, he quickly picked up Sit in one day.
Boomer already knows “Wait at the Gate” and to wait for his food patiently. He is house trained, and friendly with most people (he is a little unsure of men), loves to play in the yard with other dogs, but would do best in a home without cats.

Trainer: Julia Fish

Boomer is avaliable at the Huron Humane Society.

Introducing Baby!

Baby is a wonderful lady who has been at the Huron Humane Society since I started volunteering there! Baby is a great all around dog who needs a loving home with someone who will play with her and love her! Shes a really love bug and wants out of the shelter!

Baby is learning her basic commands and is a real puller on the leash, her training will concentrate on her pulling and fine tuning her basic training so she will never stray from her new humans side. Baby gets along well with other dogs, and all people. She loves going out into the pen with her best bud Boomer who will be featured in the next Post. Please check back for updates on Baby!

Baby is available at the Huron Humane Society.