Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blue Ribbons Training: The Trainer

Blue Ribbons Training is a small training collaboration of people who love animals. Between us we have more than 12 years training experience. From abused and neglected dogs to puppies who are just starting their training we have experienced it all. I, Julia Fish, strive to educate the public on responsible and reasonable care and training of all dogs. Working for five months with a well known German Shepherd rescue in California, and with animal shelters for years before that, I have over ten years of training experience with shelter dogs, dogs that have been abused, problem dogs, and puppies. I have trained an expanse of breeds from Pit Bulls and Rottweiler’s to Toy Poodles and Chihuahua’s.
My training techniques vary from dog to dog, what may work with one dog may not work with another. That is why I spend time with each dog I train and get to know their personality. For example, a dog that is rough and pulls hard on a leash may not respond to just the simple vocal correction and a gentle pull on the lead while other milder dogs will. For the dog that would not respond to the first correction, a stronger correction is needed, such as a choke chain or a head collar.
This is true also with puppies, not all puppies will potty train the same. Some will pick it up immediately while others will not. No matter the dog or the situation the technique will vary, but I have yet to find a dog I could not train with Time and Patience.
Now, I have started volunteering my time, when not at college, to the Huron Humane Society where I train some of the long term residents there. This blog will mostly be about those dogs and their advancements in training, they will also be recognized when they are adopted along with their new owners.

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