Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Introducing Chico!

Chico is a sweet older gentlemen who was brought into the Huron Humane Society by animal control. I started working with Chico in September 2009, when I met Chico he had a short attention span, but a love of walks, people, and treats. Chico gets along well with other dogs, doesn’t pull on the leash and seems to be potty trained. So why am I featuring him on a training blog?

Because Chico has one nasty habit. Chico likes to run. He has husky in him and he will run given the chance. Training Chico to stay by his companions side is more difficult than it may sound. With patience, time, and little hard work Chico will be sticking to his handlers side like glue in no time. So be sure to check back at the end of January to see how Chico’s training is coming along!

Trainer: Ashley Hastings

Chico is currently adoptable at the Huron Humane Society

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