Friday, February 5, 2010

The Pit Bull Terror?

For many years I have heard the vicious, simple minded, accusations, and stereotypes thrown at Pit Bulls and I have always defended them. Cruel people create cruel dogs, no matter what the breed, to prove my point, I take you to the Philippines.

March 1, 2007 “Chief” a four year old American Pit Bull Terrier laid down his own life for the life of an 87 year old grandmother and her granddaughter, when a cobra was found in their home. Startled the cobra did what startled snakes do and fanned its hood. Chief quickly put himself in between the cobra and the two women serving as a shield when the cobra struck.

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Now how many people would see this Pittie on the street and think immediately that it would tear them to shreds? Too many. I see it even in my own family, “Stupid bastard’s, everyone of them needs to be killed,” one person said to me. People do not see that it is not in the dogs heart to be a killer. It must be taught and by who? Man. It is by no fault of his own that the Pit Bull got its reputation and it is through no fault of his own that cruel men continue to torture and mentally break dogs until their only will is to fight.

The Pit Bull was first introduced into the Americas in the 1800's by Boston-Irish immigrants when bull baiting was outlawed in England. Since then American breeders have bred more muscle and stronger jaws into them, making them a formidable breed, but what breeders couldn’t do was breed out the loyalty and kindness of these dogs.

Don’t blame the breed blame the deed.

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